Thursday, July 26, 2012
Again, Meat Inc. goes above and beyond the call of sliders.

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Joined by our passion for meat, beer, cards and meat, we created a compitition bbq team to partake in just that.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweetwater Spice Sliders

Sweetwater Spice Sliders

I found Sweetwater Spice searching through the internet for a product to enhance my competition brisket.  All of the products looked intriguing so I ordered some up from Scott Sapire - the Chief Spice Officer of Sweetwater Spice.

Sweetwater Spice is located in  Austin, TX and if there's one thing Texans know - Brisket!  I started experimenting with their Brisket Brine and it was clear these guys know what they are doing.  I was trying to think outside the box a little for some other uses of their products.  My wife wanted me to cook up some sliders this past weekend and I thought this would be the perfect protein canvas to try out a few different Sweetwater Spice products at the same time!

 I tried to keep this as simple as possible so I could really see what these brines would do to the meat.  I tried out three of their most intriguing flavors (to me):

  • Brisket Bath (Ancho and Chipotle)
  • Tres Chilis Fajita Bath 
  • Pineapple Habenero Jerk

To test their compatibility with other spices I used some Simply Marvelous Cherry Rub and Peppered Cow Rub.

The plan was to make 4 x 1/4 lb sliders - remember they're sliders - they're supposed to be small - and add one dry rub to 2 of the patties, the other dry rub to one more patty and leave one patty blank so I could taste just the meat with the brine.

 I cleverly identified each set of patties with a specific number of toothpicks and then added the dry rub to a specific patty on the grate.  It was pretty obvious which dry rub was on the patty but I'm trying to be scientific here!
 Each 1lb portion of ground beef (12% fat) received 1 1/2 tablespoon of the assigned brine.  This was just enough.  Any more and the ground beef would have become too loose to pack into patties and hold their form.  If you happen to add too much you can always add an egg and / or some breadcrumbs to save the day.
 I smoked these on a pellet smoker using oak pellets at a grate temp of 300F.  Not too high and not too low. 

For the rest, go talk to Aaron.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 4th Meatrake Blowout Sale

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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Rake you up some Pork Chop Chili!
It's Real Good!

Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest Results

Grand Champion

Yazoo's Delta Q

anything but food categories

Best Booth

1st Place:   Performance Smokers

2nd Place: Swine & Dine

3rd Place:  The Moody Ques

best t-shirt

1st Place:   Modern Porkfolio Theory

2nd Place: 10 Bones BBQ

3rd Place:   Pork-O-Saurus

Piggy Idol

1st Place:   The Chi-Town Cookers

2nd Place:  Voo Doo Q

3rd Place:   The Swinos

4th Place:   Swine & Dine

wings category sponsored by frank's red hot

Hot wings

1st Place:    Don't Burn The Pig

2nd Place:  Right On Q

3rd Place:   Chauvinist Pig

Anything But... Categories sponsored by cattlemen's


1st Place:    Crosstown Neighborhood BBQ

2nd Place:  Sicilian Smokers

3rd Place:   The Norwegian National Barbecue Team


1st Place:    Serial Grillers

2nd Place:   Pork-O-Saurus

3rd Place:   Slab Yo Mama BBQ


1st Place:    Meat Makers

2nd Place:  The Beef N' The Chicken

3rd Place:   Sysco's Cajun Cookers Too


1st Place:    Meat & Cider Cook'n Team

2nd Place:  Contempt of Pork/Nailing Down The Pork

3rd Place:   Danish National BBQ Team

tomato sauce

1st Place:    Hoggystyle

2nd Place:  Too Sauced To Pork

3rd Place:   Smok-In-Razor Backs

vinegar sauce

1st Place:    Natural Born Grillers

2nd Place:  Southern Porklore

3rd Place:   Curly Tail Smokers

mustard sauce

1st Place:   The Barbecue Experiment

2nd Place:  Pork Me Tender

3rd Place:   Pot Bellie Cookers

championship finals

patio porkers

1st Place:   Don't Burn the Pig

2nd Place: Here for the Beer

3rd Place:  Boars R Us

4th Place:  Swiggin N Piggin


1st Place:   Red Hot Smokers

2nd Place:  People's Republic of Swina

3rd Place:   Boardello's

whole hog

1st Place:   Yazoo's Delta Q

2nd Place:  Right On Q

3rd Place:   Fireman John's BBQ


1st Place:   Natural Born Grillers

2nd Place: Serial Grillers

3rd Place:  Gnarly Wine & Swine

Kingsford Tour of Champions

1st Place:  The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint

2nd Place:  Crispy Critters

3rd Place:  Curly Tail Smokers

Thursday, May 10, 2012
We're donating $2 of every pair of MeatRakes sold this month to the OBR!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
  If you may be new to BBQ you should start your career here. Shane Draper and his affiliates know what the hell is going on, in all that which is the BBQ world. From creating an award winning sauce, to cooking on an award winning team, to hanging out with Darryl Mast and Hot Rod Lorrick, Whiskey Bent BBQ, The BBQ Addicts, Tina Cannon, and being a solid voice in the industry, that must be heard.  Y'all should be "Gettin Sauced" every Wed. night from 5-7pm PST.  Quit pullin' Pork. Rake Some Meat!
Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bacon Turtle by: Meat Inc.

Bacon Turtle

Lots of people do the bacon explosion - I was inspired to do a twist on the favorite and try out the Bacon Explosion Turtle - aka - Bacon Turtle.
The other difference was the stuffing - instead of sausage meat, I added some vegetables and cheese. The girls seem to prefer this so I went with it (or did I?). The initial motive appears to be an attempt to satiate the ladies but I wanted to use some other ingredients so that when you cut the turtle open, it appeard to have "guts". Use whatever excuse you want. Either way - Mission Accomplished!
  • Bacon (2lbs)

  • Guts (Lunch Meat, ham, cheese, bell peppers, whatever you want). I used ham in one and lunch meat in the other.
  • Dry Rub (your recipe) - I use a simple even amount - Black Pepper, Chili Powder, Garlic Powder.
  • BBQ Sauce (your choice) - I used KC Masterpiece
  • Polish Sausage (or hot dogs)
Guts ingredients:

I grated 2 potatoes and cooked them in some olive oil - or you can use some frozen hashbrowns.
Make the shell:
Weave the bacon into a latice - people usually do 5 strips x 5 strips. Mine usually worked out to 5 x 6 to make an even square.

Weave the bacon as tight as possible. I think this is key. Sprinkle the dry rub onto the weave when finished.

Add the guts:
I used left over spiral ham in this example hoping it would reinforce the shape of the turtle "shell". Turns out it doesn't matter as you will see in the lunch meat version but the thought is there:

Here's where I stuffed the second turtle with lunch meat rolls - lunch meat rolled with diced bell peppers and shredded cheese - remember:
Girls - it's vegetables.
Boys - guts.

Both ways - after you have stuffed the shell - sprinkle some more dry rub and then rub on some BBQ sauce.
For the head, tail and legs, I used frozen polish sausages so during the long smoking process (about 2 hours) the sausages wouldn't blow up. If you use regular hot dogs, they may deform too much. It also seemed easier to shave or form the tail when the dog was frozen.
Pick out some areas where it will be easy to poke in the sausage for the legs, head, and tail. Open up the weave and poke the sausage in - I tried to go above a strong weave point so it would support the weight of the appendage.

I smoked these turtles for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours at 250F. Since all the guts were cooked and I really only had to worry about the bacon "shell" - I didn't have to worry about achieving any specific internal temp. I did make a Bacon Explosion" at the same time so I knew as soon as the Bacon Explosion was done - the turtles had to be done - even though I put them on the smoker a 1/2 hour after I put the Bacon Explosion on.

The end result - pure turtle joy! Those turtles were good eatin'!
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